Does CAS “Jurisprudence” exist?

Author: Luis Fernández Lawyer and CAS arbitrator Versions of the article availables in others languages:                                                             Published and translated by the firm Winter – Dávila [...]

CAS Compliance: Proposals for improvements

Published and translated by the firm Winter – Dávila & Associés Paris, 15 February 2022 Author: Mario Ocaña San Román Academic responsible of the Sports Law Institute and legal advisor at Himnus Football Lawyers. Graduate in Law from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Universidad de Salamanca. International Master's Degree in Sports Law and [...]

Why did the CAS give the reason to Alianza Lima?

Author: Omar Galarreta Zegarra Lawyer with a degree in Law from the Universidad César Vallejo (Peru). He is a member of the Lima Bar Association. He holds a master's degree in criminal law and criminal procedure from the Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizán (Peru). He is a university professor of law at the Universidad César [...]

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