Funded under the philosophy of efficiency, loyalty, and transparency, Winter – Dávila & Associés is a French firm, based in Paris, specialized in sports law, international arbitration, corporate law, and representation in general.

The firm is integrated by a select team of lawyers mainly from Europe and Latin America, highly identified with the value of excellence.


Our vast experience allows us to provide legal advice in several areas of law to public and private organizations. We advise individuals locally in France as well as abroad.

We also have the technological infrastructure to provide the necessary support in the development of workshops, conferences, forums, round tables, and seminars in our fields of expertise.


Aware of the challenge of being a lawyer in the 21st century, Winter – Dávila & Associés has been created with a mainly international focus.

This mindset allows us to provide legal advice in three different languages: French, Spanish, and English. Therefore, we are able to provide legal services according to the requirements and needs of our clients are around the globe.


TPO and Economic Rights in football transfers

August 3rd, 2021|0 Comments

Author: Luiz Marcondes Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on August 03rd 2021. Introduction The federative-associative system of organised world football, led by FIFA[1], after years of study, has published [...]