TPO and Economic Rights in football transfers

Author: Luiz Marcondes Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on August 03rd 2021. Introduction The federative-associative system of organised world football, led by FIFA[1], after years of study, has published in 2014 and 2015 specific rules on "economic rights" over the player, limiting the negotiation of these rights to clubs [...]

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The four Chambers of The Court of Arbitration for Sport

Author: Miguel Ángel Dávila Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on july 15th 2021. As is generally known to lawyers specialized in sports law, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) [1] is the international arbitration chamber responsible for resolving, in the final instance, disputes arising from sport-related conflicts. This [...]

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Transfer of football players international taxation in Spain

Author: Rodrigo Iglesias Torturelli Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on Juin 1st 2021. The main goal of this article is to comment the ways of the “Direction général des impôts, DGT” (the board of tax) of the Spanish treasure in the case of transfers of football players, in the [...]

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What’s the future for transgender athletes in sport?

Author: Blas Pugliese Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on may 23rd 2021. Today it is clear that the emergence of debates about gender identity has a strong impact in public discussion, not only in the fight for equality but also in the approach of the subsidiary questions which ensue [...]

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The uncertain future of sports arbitration clauses in Germany

Author: Viktoria Heinze Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on may 17th 2021. Before filling a claim to a court of arbitration in the event of a dispute, it is advisable to check the arbitration clause for its effectiveness, because arbitration clauses may be invalid and the way to the [...]

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Consequences of Brexit on the European market of transfers

Authors: David Winter and Julien Flamand Blas Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on February 23rd, 2021. Four years after the British referendum, Brexit is going forward. The United-Kingdom has left the common market of the European Union and the custom union. But what are the direct and immediate consequences [...]

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Application of international standards in the Brazilian sports labor contract

Authors: Maria Fernanda Fernandes da Silva Rolo and Davidson Malacco Ferreira Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on april 30th 2021. Soccer is a sport known worldwide and appreciated, standing out as one of the most attractive and exciting sports, moving numbers on the national and international scene. Among them, [...]

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Champions League vs European Super League?

Author: Lucio Mazzei Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on april 15th 2021. Since 1998, some of the most important European football clubs have threatened several times to leave UEFA competitions and start a European Super League, a kind of Premier League with only top European clubs participating. Until now, [...]

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Reduced sanctions for recreational drug use in sport

Author: Antonio Quintero Published for Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, March 3rd, 2021. At the beginning of 2021, the new sanction regime of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on "substances of abuse" came into force. This regime marks significant changes compared to the system that expired in 2020 by reducing suspensions [...]

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Three things players need to know at the end of their contract

Published by Winter - Dávila & Associés in Paris, on February 15th 2021. Professional soccer players cannot be considered as simple workers. They represent important assets for their clubs at the accounting level. Therefore, it invites clubs to retain their players until their transfer to another club becomes profitable. The importance of soccer [...]

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